WELCOME TO CARS - The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford

Program Director: Prof. Chris Gerdes
Program Manager: Adele Tanaka
Program Administrator: Jo Yuan

The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford links industry and academia around the future of the automobile and personal mobility.

CARS has a forward-looking focus and provides a portal for automotive companies and other industrial partners into auto-mobility research at Stanford. CARS handles the infrastructure of our community and links to the solar car team as well as other on-campus groups in the mobility space.

CARS Info Material

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Recent CARS News

Stanford CARS & Revs Highlights 2014 Released
The CARS and Revs programs together released a publication that highlights the activities, events, and accomplishments of the two programs throughout the past year. "Highlights 2014" gives an overview of student activities, research programs, community activities and more. One part of it is also the summary of the affiliates activities in the CARS program, such as webinars, workshops, and roundtable discussions. With this, Highlights 2014 also serves as the CARS Annual Report, that the program publishes every year. A digital version can be downloaded and print copies can be obtained from the program management.

"Who Will Be Driving on the Highway of the Future?" Talk by Prof. Gerdes
Chris Gerdes' gave a talk at Stanford+Connects in Los Angeles on Feb 1 when he shared some of the Stanford work around self-driving cars. He highlighted the student-built P1 vehicle and Shelley, an Audi TTS. He emphasized the importance of safety and the role of the "big red button" as well as issues around ethics -- are self driving vehicles cars, or robots? Stanford+Connect is an outreach event where faculty connect with alumni in virtual forums and collaborative seminars.The talk was recorded and is now available to be viewed online.

Japan's Public Broadcasting Organization Reports from CARS
NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting organization, visited CARS to report on research related to automated vehicles. The journalists interviewed Prof. Chris Gerdes and Sven Beiker for a documentary on the technology challenges around automated driving and the automotive community in Silicon Valley. The video interview features CARS as one of the major hubs worldwide for automotive research and a very unique way of how industry and academia partner to research the future of the automobile. The video can be viewed online at NHK world.

The Ethics of Autonomous Cars
Sometimes good judgment can compel us to act illegally. Should a self-driving vehicle get to make that same decision? These are questions that Prof. Patrick Lin, visiting faculty at from CalPoly, is tackling during his 12-month stay at CARS. In an article published in the The Atlantic, Lin discusses how human drivers may be forgiven for making an instinctive but "wrong" decision, while programmers and designers of automated cars don’t have that luxury, since they are considered to have enough time to make the "right" decision.

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